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    Limits on celebrations make sense

    I looked to see if this was already made into a thread and didn't see any, but with my luck, probably already is. If it is, please don't rip my head off and just simply delete it =P

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    [size=24px]Limits on celebrations make sense [/size]

    ORLANDO, Fla. (March 27, 2006) -- Let's dispense with the "No Fun League" talk from the beginning.

    This isn't about that.

    An NFL competition committee proposal designed to curtail celebrations does not, in any way, attempt to eliminate all forms of players celebrating touchdowns.

    Players can still spike the ball in the end zone, spin it on the ground, and dunk it over the goal post if they like (and are able to). They also can dance and even leap into the stands.

    What they can't do is use the ball as a prop in their routine. Nor can they do any celebrating on the ground or be part of any group effort. And when the referee warns them that their celebration has gone on too long and needs to stop, they must stop … or be penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct that would be assessed on the ensuing kickoff.

    As they watched videotape of games played during the 2005 season, members of the committee concluded that celebrations simply were getting out of hand. The biggest problem was that they were taking too long and slowing down the game unnecessarily.

    And the committee members weren't the only ones who formed that opinion. Representatives of the NFL Players Association shared that view, and, in fact, encouraged the committee to do something about it in the form of a rules change.

    "The players' association was unanimous in wanting to get this under control," said Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who is co-chairman of the competition committee along with Atlanta Falcons general manager Rich McKay.

    No one is looking to prevent players from expressing their joy or having some "artistic freedom" (if that's what it's called) in their celebrations. No one is looking to take any fun out of the game.

    The idea is just to move along the pace of play, and the proposal is more than reasonable in that regard.

    End-zone antics like those performed by Carolina's Steve Smith would be penalized under a new rule proposal.
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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    Same thing, different source.

    ( )
    [size=18px]NFL might vote to rein in TD celebrations [/size]
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Bad news might be on the horizon for Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and the other purveyors of outrageous touchdown celebrations.

    The NFL's competition committee is proposing a crackdown on rocking the baby, teeing off like Tiger and anything else that might be considered taunting.

    This isn't particularly new. The league has smacked down celebrators who went over the top before. Remember T.O.'s dancing on the Dallas star in Texas Stadium? Or Johnson revealing a small sign asking not to be fined by commissioner Paul Tagliabue?

    Or, of course, Joe Horn's hidden cell phone trick in New Orleans?

    But committee chairmen Jeff Fisher, coach of the Tennessee Titans, and Rich McKay, general manger of the Atlanta Falcons, believe enforcement hasn't been strict enough recently.

    "Individual celebration was getting out of hand," Fisher said Monday at the NFL meetings. "The players' association was unanimous in wanting to get this under control."

    So spiking the ball in the end zone will be OK. And spinning it on the ground, or dunking it over the goalpost. Dancing in the end zone is fine, too, as long as it's not prolonged or a group effort.

    Almost all other celebrations will be out if the committee's recommendation to clamp down further on the frivolities is passed by the owners.

    The new emphasis on unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will call for a 15-yard mark-off on the ensuing kickoff against the offending team, and possible fines.

    Players can't use props for any celebrations, and they can't be on the ground when they do their thing. Asked what happens if a player is tackled in the end zone and begins celebrating while down, Fisher said it would be a penalty.

    "Get up and dance," he said, prompting laughter at a news conference.

    "If they go to the ground to score and feel compelled to do something, get up!" McKay added.

    "We've allowed those things to creep back. They are not necessary and should not be allowed."

    The committee also will suggest:

    • Down by contact calls be subject to instant replay review, a proposal that was voted down last year. Currently, a play is dead once the whistle blows and the ballcarrier is ruled down by the officials. McKay said that last season there were 18 to 20 plays when the ball came out of a player's grasp before he was ruled down.

    The proposed change would allow any turnover to stand if replay showed the ball came loose before the whistle. No subsequent runbacks with the ball would count, however.

    • Modifying illegal procedure to allow receivers to flinch if they get back into position before the play and the defense doesn't react to the move.

    • Toughening enforcement on pass rushers who hit quarterbacks below the knees, as long as the defensive players could have avoided making the hit. One play that didn't prompt such a point of emphasis, McKay said, was in last year's playoffs on Cincinnati's Carson Palmer by Kimo von Oelhoffen, then with Pittsburgh, that severely injured Palmer's knee. McKay said it was clear von Oelhoffen didn't make any intentional move to hit Palmer, but simply rolled into the quarterback.

    • Just like quarterbacks, one defensive player might be allowed direct communication with the coaches next season. The committee will recommend that a defense has the same option as an offense in that area. As of now, quarterbacks get instructions through a small speaker in the helmet until there are 15 seconds remaining on the play clock.

    "We hope to get away from offenses -- I don't want to say stealing, so borrowing -- signals from the sideline [for defenses]," McKay said.
    [size=11pt]"The only thing better than food & football is maybe Brett Favre."


    -John Madden on Thanksgiving while on "Mike & Mike In The Morning"

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    Couldn't be more right.
    Ofcourse ya can be happy but it's like your looking down on the other team.
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    This sucks.. TD Celebrations is a part of the game.. When Chad went Tiger Woods style and made a putt i was rofl


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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    I've always enjoyed the players who set the ball down or hand it to a ref.

    I think it just says "I've been here before, I'll be here again, and there is nothing your sorry ass team can do to stop me."

    When I see a guy trying to get all elaborate and creative it just waters it down for me.

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    This dumb the best part of making a touchdown is the celebrations :evil: :evil:
    andrew starks

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    I rather enjoy TD celebrations. I personally think they allow the players to have a little fun as long as they are within reason.

    You can't take part of a group celebration (unless you jump to a teamate etc)

    No disrespect to the fans or the other team or their logos etc. While i thought moss "mooning" the croud was awsome it went to far. Same with the famous TO dalas star.

    No props

    It can not hold up the game. the kicking team gets so much time to line up and you have to be off the field when they get out there.

    Let them have a little fun. If they want to row a boat let them. If they want to make a snowangel let them. If the want to do the chicken dance (by them selves) let them. As long as it is not a delay of game who cares. There is a reason we have a play clock.

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    Was it Steve Smith or Chad Jognson that tried to give the football CPR. Thats was funny! I am with twisted. Let them have their fun as long as it doesn't slow the game down and isn't directly insulting anybody.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    Hold the game up?!

    [size=18px]Hold the game up?![/size]

    [size=24px]Hold the game up?![/size]

    Bloody hell.. NFL games last more than 3 hours anyway!! To use the "delaying the game" excuse is ridiculous.

    As you can probably tell, I'm against this crackdown on celebrations. It's not just in the NFL, it's happening in my beloved football here at home too. I don't get it.. Why not let the guy celebrate after scoring a TD? I don't want to see a bunch of robots out there who just hand the ball back to the referee and have no emotion. What's the difference between all the players rushing the field in the final seconds of a game when they're about to win and a guy celebrating scoring a TD by with his team-mates?


    Why ban the team celebrations?! This is something that I think is completely out-of-line. You say the NFL is the ultimate team sport. You say everyone has to pull their weight to help the team win. Then why can't they celebrate just because THEY didn't run the ball into the End Zone? Why deny an O-Lineman who made that critical block on the Cornerback at the 5 yard line his moment to congratulate his team-mate or be praised by his team-mate for what he did? Team celebrations can also be hilarious.. They haven't been banned over here yet but I fear they may well be.

    You say they may offend the opposing fans..

    Well duh!

    I'd hope the opposing fans are offended! They just conceded a TD!! If they weren't upset, I'd question that fans' commitment to their team. So a fan gets offended because a player wants to celebrate his achievement on the field? Well boo-frickin'-hoo. I don't have any sympathy for a fan who bitches about a player's celebration after scoring. Why shouldn't he be allowed to celebrate after scoring?!

    This is quite a big deal to me.. I really don't like how those who run the game are trying to legislate the emotion out of it.

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    Re: Limits on celebrations make sense

    I'm not for enforcing no TD celebrations, but I also like players that do not celebrate. Get the job done and walk away. That says more then any celebration can say. I wonder what SIA's opinion of this 'look at me' behavior is.

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