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    Lee Suggs as trade bait?

    Hmmmmmm! That's interesting & a Running Back. Although they're denying it, doesn't mean it isn't true. We all know that here in Minnesota.

    Browns: Suggs as trade bait? Crennel says no way
    Thursday, September 29, 2005 By Steve Doerschuk Repository sports writer
    BEREA — If there’s a mole in the house, Romeo Crennel wants to corner it. If not, he’s simply annoyed with Len Pasquarelli.

    The Browns’ head coach told his players Wednesday that a report Suggs is on the trading block is “b.s.�

    Pasquarelli reported on ESPN’s Web site that the running back is being shopped. The report was not attributed to a source.

    “I don’t know where Len got the information,� Crennel said. “Maybe he should say. He didn’t get it from me.�

    But then, the man in charge of Browns personnel is General Manager Phil Savage.

    A request for Savage’s input did not receive a response.

    “As soon as that rumor gets out there and (Suggs) reads it, he starts wondering what’s going on,� Crennel said. “That’s why I wanted to tell the team it was b.s.�

    Asked if he would be upset if Pasquarelli got a tip from a Browns source, Crennel said, “If he would say who he got it from, then I would like to talk to that person.�

    Suggs said he wasn’t aware of a trade rumor involving him until Crennel mentioned it in a team meeting Wednesday.

    “As Romeo said, there wasn’t nothin’ to it, so ... there wasn‘t nothin’ to it,� Suggs said. “He put it to bed. It’s over with.�

    Suggs led the Browns with 744 rushing yards in 2004 despite missing six games with two separate injuries. He missed the first two games this season with an ankle sprain before being activated last week.

    However, he lost his early-August status as the No. 1 running back. Reuben Droughns rushed 22 times for 75 yards Sunday in Indianapolis. The only other rusher was William Green, who lost a yard on his only touch. Suggs appeared briefly, catching two passes for 7 yards.

    Crennel says Droughns has “a foot up� on Suggs and Green, but hasn’t committed to Droughns as his top back for the long haul.

    When the Browns get through the bye week and take on the Bears on Oct. 9, it will have been more than 50 days since Suggs suffered a high ankle sprain in practice.

    “Everything’s going real good,� Suggs said. “As weeks go by, hopefully my role will pick up, too.

    “I expect it to, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s what I expect.�

    Crennel said Suggs has had a good attitude, and he hopes it continues.

    “It’s rumors and innuendoes that cause guys to start wondering what their role is,� Crennel said. “I have to shoot down these rumors, which I shouldn’t have to waste time doing. I have to do it to keep my player in a good frame of mind.

    “We’re glad Lee’s back on the field, glad he’s playing and being a productive part of this team.

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    Re: Lee Suggs as trade bait?

    Romeo, Romeo .... you need to learn to lie better buddy. Suggs has been on the market for awhile now and don't be surpised if he gets more carries soon in the next couple weeks before the trading deadline also .... just to showcase his "talents" to the teams hurting for rb's ....

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