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    Lavar Arrington an Al Wilson where are they now?

    Hey what happen to two of the best linebackers in the game. ive heard no news on them are they still living??

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    Re: Lavar Arrington an Al Wilson where are they now?

    Last I heard Arrington was leaning towards retirement, and Wilson failed his physical with the giants.

    Depending on what kind of money Wilson is looking for I'd take a chance on him, he played so well in Denver, and is really a very good mlb.

    As far as Arrington goes, I don't know. Coming out of college he had so much potential, and showed it pretty well in Washington his first two years, but then they changed their defense and he played a much more regimented role. He needs to be able to roam the field and just make plays. The cover 2 offers that, the cover 2 mlb has a lot of ground to cover, but can't really act on instincts like Arrington loves to, they have to cover that deep third or we'll get burned by the post all time(Remember Donald Driver?)

    I'm pretty happy with our LBs, I just don't really like the idea of moving EJ back to the middle. He played so well on the outside last year, and I just don't understand why we'd mess with that success.

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    Re: Lavar Arrington an Al Wilson where are they now?

    If he doesn't do well in the middle, I'm sure they would consider swapping he and CG around - well you'd hope at least.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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