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    Lasting Impact - Jim Johnson

    Very good article on Jim Johnson and his impact on the game. We could use someone who attacks offenses like this.

    [size=13pt]Lasting Impact[/size]

    December 28, 2009

    Blitzing is king in the modern NFL, and the Double A Gap Blitz, a legacy of late Eagles coordinator Jim Johnson, is one big game-changer. Here's how it works
    They echo his messages in Philadelphia. Around the league they copy his plays. Johnson would appreciate that. During game week he could always be found in his office long after practice, working the coordinator's customary hours, searching for seams in somebody's offense. "He brought an energy and an enthusiasm to figuring things out," says Reid. "The players couldn't wait to hear how Jim was going gash 'em this week."

    The best coaches will tell you their work is more cerebral than gladiatorial. The chess game, Gruden calls it. Double A Gap Blitz. One coach's legacy. One move on the board.
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    Re:Lasting Impact - Jim Johnson

    He is a legend

    He will be missed

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    Re:Lasting Impact - Jim Johnson

    Just imagine the feel good story if it is Eagles vs Bengals int he superbowl. Zimmerman losing his wife and the eagles organization losing a legend.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:Lasting Impact - Jim Johnson

    R.I.P Chessmaster.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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