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    Lance Briggs is the new Shawn Kemp

    You say you like the Athletes Making Babies site? Well, then you're gonna love the tale of the smooth operator that is Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

    The Chicago Sun-Times, getting a real kick out of itself with its "Baby mamas bear down on Briggs" headline, details just how much Briggs paternity madness is going on right now.

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    Re: Lance Briggs is the new Shawn Kemp

    Baby Mamas Bear Down On Briggs

    Chicago Sun-Times story

    Baby mamas bear down on Briggs
    COURT | 1 close to settling claim, 2nd says he's the dad, 3rd reported living with him

    May 15, 2008

    BY STEVE PATTERSON Staff Reporter [email protected]

    Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is close to settling a high-profile paternity claim filed against him, but his baby mama drama may just be starting.

    In court Wednesday, Briggs' ex-girlfriend Brittini Tribbett, 21, again pleaded for Briggs to provide adequate emotional and financial support for their baby girl, while another pregnant woman stood by, listening to talk of how she's set to deliver a Briggs baby.
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