In case anyone is thinking about buying one of these, here are a few tips.

By Bob LeGere | Daily Herald Staff

Lamorghini tips

If you just smashed up your Lamorghini Murcielago Roadster LP640, here's what you need to know courtesy of Scott Rothermel, sales manager at Lamborghini Chicago in Westmont.

No pounding out the dents: "All the body work on that car is made out of carbon fiber. When you do crash it, it's ungodly expensive. You don't fix it. You get new parts.".

Fender Bender or Totaled? "When you get a $400,000 car, there's a lot of room to fix stuff before it's totaled."

Base Price: $350,200 (but with gas guzzler fee and options, that generally jumps to $380,000 to $400,000 or more).

Top speed with top off: In excess of 208 mph.

Top speed with top on: "There is no figure for the top on, because at that speed the top would blow off."

Cost of an oil change: "300 to 400 bucks, which I guess sounds bad compared to $29.95, but everything is a matter of perspective."

Incentive: Buy one now and you get two free custom-tailored shirts from exclusive clothier Tom James.

But be patient: The dealership gets about a half-dozen a year. "I have about a two-year waiting list," Rothermel says.

And for your insurance questions, Patrick Riordan, Allstate Insurance agent in Bensenville, explains:

Not exactly a Hyundai: "A car like that is already put on a surcharge list," Riordan says. A client with a clean driving record would pay about $9,800 a year to insure that Lamborghini. That same guy driving a Hyundia Accent would pay about $960. A Lamborghini driver with a few traffic tickets could pay as high as $16,600 a year.

Deductible: The average is $500, but does it matter?

Accident Forgiveness: Riordan says this would be a tough accident to forgive. People with that Allstate option don't see rate increases because of one accident, but drivers without that perk who smash a $400,000 car could find rates about $2,000 higher a year and discover they no longer qualify for safe driver discounts.