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Thread: L.A. Chargers??

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    L.A. Chargers??

    The mayor of San Diego has publicly told the team i cant build you a new stadium and feel free to look for a new home. This is a perfect fit they keep the team in California so the Charer fans now still can cheer for thenm and u get them a great stadium. But who does LA think they are coming out and saying they will get 2 teams? sorry but Movie Stars watch Ice Skating not Football. I want this to go down there and keep other teams where they belong like Minnesota and Jacksonville. I do have a problem with California they think they own the world and there is enough teams in that state already. am i right????
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    Re: L.A. Chargers??

    There are already a few threads discussing this.

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    Re: L.A. Chargers??

    that would be cool if the bolts moved to L.A
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    Re: L.A. Chargers??

    Yeah, you are right.. It is however up to the state and the certain cities to vote on if they want a team or not. See the thing is, if states are going to push teams out the door (kinda like what the state of Minnesota is doing to the Vikings by sticking them on the back burner) alot of owners have no choice but to go to another state to look for a home..

    I would say that 75% of the time that pro sports teams look out side of their current home state for a new home, is because they are being forced out. Now if the legislators would have told Wilf that their was no way that the Vikes were getting a new stadium, I would think Wilf would be looking out side of Minnesota for a new home. Depending on what happens next year at this time, Wilf could still be looking out side of Minnesota for a new home.

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    Re: L.A. Chargers??

    As long as the Vikings stay in Minnesota, Chargers can go anywhere they want.

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