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Thread: L.A. Backers?

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    Re: L.A. Backers?

    A salad tosser it sounds like.

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    Re: L.A. Backers?

    i say move the giants to L.A. no 1 else or dont move them at all

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    Re: L.A. Backers?

    As a Viking fan I would hate to lose them to LA. Another team that might be a possibility ( and because I live here I would hate to lose them) is the Chiefs. I read a report that said LA would get a team, but when was the big question, next year, in 2007, 2010, whenever, it didn't say.

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    Re: L.A. Backers?

    the more teams there is in pro sports the more the payroll goes up, the more money the players get and the teams are less and less talented and loosers like freddie mitchell make the nfl. la hasn't worked for having a football team in the past so i say no they don't need one now; i do know that the saints onwer would love to move his team there so he can make more money. i hate expansion teams, no the vikings will not be moving there.
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