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    Kyries Hebert (CFL) banned from Canada

    [size=18px]Hebert denied border entry[/size]

    July 04, 2006
    From: -- The Kyries Hebert-to-Winnipeg saga has taken another surprising turn. The controversial linebacker, who was charged in a domestic dispute case in Texas this off-season, was denied entry into Canada Sunday, according to Sportsnet's Football Insider Eric Tillman.

    As was reported first by Sportsnet, the 25-year-old linebacker was expected to report to Winnipeg early this week after signing a new three-year contract (two plus an option). Hebert, who led the CFL in special-teams tackles in 2005, had been involved in a dispute with the Bombers since they had claimed him off league waivers in April, after he was not being taken in the Ottawa dispersal draft due to concerns about his legal status.

    After the felony charges were dropped to misdemeanors, the general consensus was that Hebert would have little difficulty getting into Canada. The basis of that presumption throughout the Canadian Football League was based on previous history in which other American players with multiple charges (including felonies) had been granted permission to play in the CFL.

    Immigration Canada's decision to deny his entry, which the Bombers plan to aggressively appeal, was based on what they termed "a risk to re-offend."

    Hebert, who started at linebacker and safety for the Renegades, has an NFL background with the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans. He was on the verge of signing with the Cincinnati Bengals when the Bombers claimed him via the waiver process.

    Prior to his arrest, Hebert had signed a five-year contract with Ottawa, which would have made him one of the CFL's highest paid players. When Winnipeg claimed Hebert, he asked to be released to play in the NFL and, after months of discussions, both parties agreed to a shortened deal that would have him in Winnipeg for at least the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

    Hebert denied border entry

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    Re: Hebert denied border entry

    [size=18px]Hebert banned from Canada[/size]

    Former UL standout seeks to cross border to play in CFL.

    Dan McDonald

    Kyries Hebert has found the going tough in the Canadian Football League - literally.

    The former University of Louisiana standout can't go ... can't cross the border ... can't report to Winnipeg to join the Blue Bombers team, with whom he signed a three-year deal two weeks ago.

    Hebert was denied entry into Canada last Sunday and again on Monday after being charged with felony domestic abuse last January in Texas. Canadian immigration officials denied his entry into the country, based on what was termed "a risk to re-offend."

    Both the Bombers and Hebert are appealing the decision, Hebert through his agent J. R. Rickert and the Winnipeg team through immigration lawyer Ken Zaifman.
    While the legal matters are being addressed, the former Eunice High standout is waiting in a Grand Forks, N.D., hotel, just over two hours from Winnipeg.

    "I can't say anything about anything that's going on," Hebert said. "I've been advised by the lawyers not to comment. I'm sorry."

    In January, the 25-year-old former Cajun defensive back and a CFL veteran at roving linebacker faced felony charges after allegedly holding wife Kristina's head underwater during a bath, threatening her during an argument over a cell phone bill.

    His wife chose not to take the case to trial, and the three felony charges were reduced to two misdemeanors after plea bargaining. Hebert was fined $1,200 and court costs, and the general consensus was that Hebert would be admitted into the country. Several American players with multiple pending charges, including felonies, have been granted permission to play in the CFL.

    "Based on some people who have gotten into this country to work, I would hope it can get resolved," Bombers general manager Brendan Taman told Canada Sportsnet Football Insider. "But I don't know. It's really out of our control. It's in the hands of the government's people that deal with that, and I can't say too much about it."

    Kristina, in fact, wrote a letter to the Bombers in support of Hebert. The letter was forwarded to Canadian immigration officials.

    "It was a well-written letter," Taman said, "so if that doesn't help, nothing will."

    Hebert led the CFL in special teams tackles in 2005 for the Ottawa Renegades, but that team was dissolved and Hebert was not selected in the league's dispersal draft of players because of doubts about his legal status. Before the team was dissolved, Ottawa had signed Hebert to a five-year contract which would have made him one of the CFL's highest-paid players.

    Winnipeg claimed Hebert on waivers, but Hebert asked the Bombers to release him so he could finalize details on signing a free-agent contract with the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals. Hebert, who had been on training camp rosters of the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans, finally signed the three-year deal (two years plus an option year) with the Bombers in late June.

    Taman said if Hebert cannot get into Canada, the Bombers would release him from his contract and he would be free to pursue offers with U.S. leagues.

    Hebert was a three-year letterman from 1999-2001 with the Ragin' Cajuns and ranks second all-time in career tackles by a defensive back with 270 in three seasons. He led UL in tackles in each of his three playing seasons and was a two-time All-Louisiana selection.

    Hebert was a Class 4A All-State selection for Eunice at free safety and helped lead the Bobcats to a 14-1 record and the state finals in his senior year in 1997.

    Hebert banned from Canada

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    Re: Kyries Hebert (CFL) banned from Canada

    Good job Canada. That's what you get for being a wife-beater, punk! :evil:
    I am a dipshit!!!

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