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    Kreutz finger wiggle rule.

    NFL officially has finger on pulse of idiocy
    Rick Morrissey,
    August 4, 2006

    BOURBONNAIS -- It's the football equivalent of the frivolous lawsuit.

    The NFL says, sternly, that it will be watching centers closely this season to make sure they don't wiggle their fingers before each snap. Insists that said wiggling might lure defensive linemen offside and thus is an unfair competitive advantage. Warns centers they could get a false-start penalty if they do it this season.

    The league won't admit it, but this is the Olin Kreutz Rule. Until a few days ago, the Bears center wiggled his left hand before every snap. If he isn't famous for it, he should be. It was a very cool ritual. It added a certain tension to the proceedings. It was the gunfighter itching for the draw, and it really deserved its own theme music, something signaling impending violence. Maybe the whistling theme from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." Or "The Good, the Bad and the Wiggly."...

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    Re: Kreutz finger wiggle rule.

    So all the center is supposes to do is snap the ball....sounds fair to me.

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