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Thread: King on Koren

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    King on Koren

    This is another one of those "the media frustrates me" posts, just to warn you.

    In today's MMQB column, there was a little blurb that caught my attention. I'll get to that last. First, let me give you a bit of background

    Peter King, on 7/26/2006 (
    I think what worries me the most about the Minnesota Vikings is hearing that head coach Brad Childress thinks Koren Robinson will be a fine No. 1 receiver. Sheesh. I know he has to say all the right things about his team, but that hardly gets the folks in Duluth and Fargo and Pierre all fired up about the season up there in the north country.
    Nothing controversial there, just establishing that King doesn't have a high opinion of Koren Robinson.

    Peter King, on 8/21/2006
    I think the Vikings had as bad a preseason week as you could have, losing two of their 10 most important players. Rookie Chad Greenway went down on a kicking-team play last Monday and is out for the year with a knee injury; he was going to be vital to a defense desperate for a playmaking linebacker. And Koren Robinson will almost certainly be suspended for the year after his DWI and high-speed car chase with the cops near the Vikings' training camp in Mankato, Minn. But I reserve my harshest comment for the Vikings. Whoever decided to pay Robinson any significant guaranteed money (in this case $1 million) and make him the team's No. 1 receiver -- owner Zygi Wilf, GM Rob Brzezinski, coach Brad Childress -- ought to have his head examined in the first place.

    Next to the word unreliability in my Webster's is a mug shot of Robinson, who broke Mike Holmgren's all-time record for player mischief-making. Robinson is the type of player you invite to training camp and give a contract with a very low base salary, a tiny bonus (if you give him one at all) and a huge backside to the contract. If he won't take that, fine; let him infect some other team. Wilf has a lot to learn as an owner. The first thing is this: When you say over and over that you're going to run a tight ship and have a team the community can be proud of, mean it. If you import turds like Robinson -- and that is a bit harsh, really, because I've met the guy a couple of times and he seems like a decent fellow, but obviously one plagued by an addiction problem and a truth-telling problem -- and hand him a check for $1 million, you do not mean what you say about not employing the troublemakers. A leopard might change his spots, but it's ridiculous, with so little exposure to the guy, to reward said leopard so handsomely before he proves to you for a long time that he has.
    I highlighted a few points on this one that seem to indicate that King's opinion of Robinson hasn't changed, and that opinion is also starting to encompass the Vikings as a whole.

    Peter King, on 8/28/2006 (
    I think the Vikings, obviously, did the right thing in jettisoning knucklehead Koren Robinson, who did one heck of a con job on them to get a new contract and convince coach Brad Childress he should be the team's No. 1 receiver this offseason. He had to go.
    Okay, that opinion no longer is about the Vikings, just Koren.

    Let's review:
    -The Vikings brought in Koren on a 1 year deal, with little-to-no (I don't remember exactly) signing bonus. After he had played at a pro-bowl level for a full season, and stayed clean for a full season, the Vikings decide to reward him with a larger contract, albeit one that protects them should he relapse.

    -King makes it clear that he doesn't like Koren as a #1 WR.

    -After Koren gets arrested, King calls him:
    • [li]Unreliable[/li]
      [li]a mischief-maker[/li]
      [li]a team infection[/li]
      [li]a turd[/li]
      [li]a troublemaker[/li]
      [li]a con man[/li]


    Peter King, on 9/18/2006 (
    Why is there such an uproar about the Packers signing Koren Robinson? If you're going to be morally outraged [like Mr. King used to be until he signed with the Packers?], well, OK, I guess I can buy that. But there's such a small risk, and I'm sure the Packers said to him [complete conjecture]: One strike and you're out.

    Yes, he's a shady character. Yes, you can't count on him for the long run. And yes, he may end up in jail or on NFL suspension after an October court proceeding determines if he's in violation of a prior probation. [just wait, there has to be a 'but' on the way...]

    But [There it is!] the Packers gave him no signing bonus, just a two-year contract for the veteran minimum each year for a player of his experience -- $585,000. That means, simply, that Robinson has a week-to-week contract, and the Packers will pay him $34,411.78 every week he's on their roster. Once they cut him, they owe him nothing.

    For a guy who was going to be Minnesota's No. 1 receiver [Silly me, I thought you didn't like Koren as a #1, but I guess now that you can use that as justification, it's okay.], that's a very cheap price for someone who might be able to help. This ain't Boys Town.

    Okay, so I added a few thoughts in that quote. Maybe it's just me, but that sure seems like a pretty complete change of position on the guy, just because he signed with the Packers. I'm fine with moral outrage, even when it's directed at my team. In this case, it was deserved. However, to establish a consistent opinion and moral high-ground, only to come down off your high-horse when that player signs with another team is reprehensible to me, and indicates a bias that is unprofessional in this context. Mr. King should be ashamed.

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    Re: King on Koren

    Beautiful work Josdin, brought a tear to my eye.
    You will have to help comfort =Z= now, because he has man-love toward King.

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    Re: King on Koren

    King seems like a real D-bag.
    Nicely done by the way!
    I enjoyed your comments.

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    Re: King on Koren

    Like I said before, Peter King is a PUTZ!!!

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    Re: King on Koren

    The Packers might be more D-baggish than King.
    They will use him until he gets (possibly) suspended in OCT.
    They are probably only pumping him for our play book info.

    I can kind of see where King is coming from, the tone of the articles probably come from the side of bed he woke up on that morning. King is basically saying that he wouldn't trust K-Rob any further than he could throw him. Not very sympathetic to addiction problems but then again, tough love is probably better.

    I can see the Vikes side of this too.
    K-Rob towed the line for a year, we rewarded him and then he slipped.
    We towed the Code-of Conduct line and released him for being a repeat offender, addiction or no addiction.

    Good Luck Koren
    Stay Clean!

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    Re: King on Koren

    Peter King is on the fence about everything. Last year he picked the Vikes to go to the SB. Since we didn't, he's all butt-hurt that we made him look like he doesn't know football. He has a talent for the obvious. His weekly picks are stating things that we all know (or have an idea about). He doesn't dig deep enough in his articles to make me believe he knows what he talking about. The only guy I like to read is John Clayton from ESPN. Even Dr Z @ SI is clueless. Flaming Redhead this & Flaming Redhead that.....tell us something interesting for once. SI is pooh.

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    Re: King on Koren

    that was a great posted josdin, should really email that to him. make him eat his words. I thought something was funny when i read his artcle today, u just confirmed my suspicion. apparently the packers can do no wrong.

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    Re: King on Koren

    Wow, I never read any of those statements that King made about Robinson, or the Vikings... Seems like he has favorites in this league... Oh well, the main thing is that we are better off without a guy like Robinson on the team..

    Childress stated that he wants good people, and good players in that order.. Koren screwed up, and it costed him big time.. He went from being the #1 reciever on a good team, to a return guy on arguably the worse team in the NFL.. I am glad that Childress made an example of Koren Robinson... I really did like K-Rob, but after that last incident, I lost all respect for the guy..

    I am also thinking that if Dwight Smith's incident was worse then it was, he would have had the same fate as K-Rob.. Childress also set an example with Smith.. It basically said, I don't care how good you are, or what your name is, if you mess up on this team, you will pay the price... Now how come Peter King isn't giving Childress, Wilf, and the Viking orginization props for doing what they did with those two incidents? Oh well, we know the truth, and that is all that matters..


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    Re: King on Koren

    None of the sportswriters like the Vikings and I have never figured out why. Even the local media beats them up every chance they get. The Packers have been the darlings of the media for years because of Favre but with the team the Packers have this year they are gonna get dropped, too, especially if Favre leaves..
    As someone said last week, now the Manning boys and Ben Roethlisberger are the darlings of the media. And Childress will continue to be disliked because he doesn't talk to the media much and keeps them out of too much practice time.
    These sportswriters are, for the most part, "fair weather fans."
    By the way, Josdin, you did an excellent job with this article.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

    When you require nothing, you get nothing; when you expect nothing, you will find nothing; when you embrace nothing, all you will have is nothing.

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    Re: King on Koren

    Koren did kickoff returns for the Pack yesterday, he had 4 returns for 72 yards an average of 18 yards per attempt.

    I don't know if they tried him as a receiver yesterday but he didn't have any receiving yards.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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