"tastywaves" wrote:
"jdvike" wrote:
Well if you wanna get real technical KGB isn't even the starter...Cullen Jenkins is...KGB has pretty much become just a situational pass rusher.

Kampman is definitely the better of KGB and Jenkins at DE.
There you go UffDa you can check out how good our OL line will do against their starting DE's.
Wonder if GB will wait until Madieu is ready to go so they can see how Rodgers will do against our starting backfield.
It would also be good to wait until TJ's knee is 100% and Berrian's toe is no longer aggravating him...hey, maybe we can just wait and play this game when everyone's starters are 100%... At least then we will know how we really measure up.

If Peyton can't play against us in week 2, I have no problem with that either.
I knew he was only in there during the passing downs as a pass rush specialist, which is why it was worded like it was.