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    Re: Keyshawn on Moss

    "DPep11" wrote:
    Wow... thats a very harsh statement no Keyshawns part.
    Ya, especially when a few years ago, pre-dallas, no one would give a stick of gum for KJ, let alone a pack.

    Take this comment with a grain of salt, it is a one liner that was probably taken out of it's context.

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    Re: Keyshawn on Moss

    That would be the first thing that I've heard Key say that I actually agree with Moss is useless right now and has no desire do anything more than get overpaid and not care about playing football.
    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

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    Re: Keyshawn on Moss

    Keyshawn: Media too hard on Moss

    Receiver Keyshawn Johnson defended Randy Moss on Wednesday, saying the media is responsible for vilifying the Oakland receiver.Moss created a stir this week when he made some comments about the situation with the winless Raiders.

    "People try to turn him into like he's the devil or something," Johnson said.

    Johnson had similar answers every time a previous Moss incident was mentioned.

    "It was blown up bigger than it was," Johnson said.

    But Johnson did admit the perception of Moss has taken a beating.

    "Randy Moss wanted out of Minnesota? Oh well," Johnson said. "Four years ago, he was the best wide receiver in the NFL. Now you can't get a pack of gum for him." -- Pat Yasinskas

    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: Keyshawn on Moss

    "vikeswin2005" wrote:
    "baumy300" wrote:
    He should make sure his hands are clean before he points fingers.

    Homeboy has a few catches now and all of a sudden he feels he can start blasting far superior players.

    What a joke.

    Someone find that hit we layed on him when he played for the Cowgirls.

    You sir, are the man.

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