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    Re: K-Rob seeks pay from Vikings?

    Come on, this is like giving a homeless man money on the street, you know he's just gonna spend it on booze, but you feel bad and give him the money anyway.

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    Re: K-Rob seeks pay from Vikings?

    From PFT:


    The NFL has suspended Packers receiver Koren Robinson for a year, rejecting lawyer David Cornwell's position that any final action should be deferred until after the legal process regarding his August 15 arrest is resolved.

    Robinson was charged with felony fleeing, DUI, and reckless driving following a race back to Vikings training camp.
    The incident occurred a day after ESPN's Joe Theismann praised K-Rob for his "proactive" return to treatment in the offseason.

    For present purposes, the kicker was the DUI arrest, since it triggered a finding (we assume) that Robinson had violated the treatment plan associated with his status as a Stage Three participant in the substance abuse program by (duh) drinking alcohol.

    Also, Robinson pleaded innocent to the latest criminal charges on Tuesday, even though there's no factual dispute that Robinson led police on a high-speed chase back to the Vikings' training camp, or that he blew a 0.11 percent blood alcohol concentration thereafter.

    Under the terms of the suspension, Robinson is banished for at least a year.
    He then must apply for reinstatement.
    In the interim, he must continue to adhere to the terms of the treatment plan, including periodic drug testing.

    The suspension also limits his potential recovery from the Vikings pursuant to a grievance based on allegations that the team improperly cut him after the arrest.
    At most, the Vikings will be on the hook for the difference between what he would have made for six weeks under the contract that was terminated and the money he earned from the Packers for that same six- week period.

    So delay would have yielded two benefits for Robinson -- he would have been able to continue to play football (and get paid) and he would have been able to seek more money from the Vikings for each additional week.
    As it now stands, his suspension will expire right about the time he goes to trial on the new charges.
    If convicted, he likely never plays again.

    Our advice to Koren?
    Work out a plea deal now and do all of your jail time (including 90 days for probation violation in Washington) while you're under suspension, and then try to make a return to the NFL.

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