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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    Lol. What a fiasco.

    [img width=175 height=131][/img]

    Here's to the Packers living off our waste!

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    Koren just remember you are a lying piece of dog excrement and you gave your word a week before training camp that you were fine and not drinking, and you were lying the whole time and it shows what a piece of dog sh*t you are by trying to get money you know you don't deserve!


    Hope some guy makes you his bitch when you get your next sentence and go to jail for a few years!
    I will be at the court house cheering when your sentence is read and they hand cuff your a$$ and take you to Stillwater Prison!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    "mrswebby" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    Must be nice to be able to put off going to jail for 5 months.

    If that was the average Joe, they'd be reporting for jail within 30 days.

    GB will milk him for the rest of the season, unless the NFL suspends him.

    Why hasn't Koren been suspended for a year?

    Odell Thurman was suspended for a year within a week of his DUI arrest, and Koren has also had a 4 game suspension and he has had numerous run-ins with the law, and his latest DUI arrest and fleeing police at over 100 Miles an hour is cause enough to suspend him.

    So is the NFL playing favorites?
    Because he now plays with Favre and Green Bay desperately needs help are they giving him preferential treatment because they want Favre to end his career on a good note?
    Good question whack!

    I thought I heard that it is also based on something to do with folowing through with treatment options.
    Who knows?
    Maybe if he is going to meetings but had a relapse, they cut him some slack.
    Also, did Odell have more than just the DUIs on his record.
    Didn't he have some violence or was that another thug on the Bengals that I am thinking of?

    About the timing of his sentence, I can see why they let him.
    Normal guy has 40 hr/wk job.
    He can go anytime, sooner the better..
    Krobs job is seasonal, he needs to feed his family ("the sprewell take").
    Oh come on!
    Give me a break... shouldn't be special treatment.
    How much does the "normal guy who has a 40 hr/wk job" make?
    He got his million for signing with the Vikes (did he have to /give that back?)
    and got paid for a few games-- these guys make a ton of money and if they can't live off of that that's just too bad.
    If he's so worried about "feeding his family" he should have thought about that the first, second or third time...
    if it was a priority he wouldn't have been so reckless.
    Should make it hurt and make him serve it now...
    what "normal" person would get to choose when they serve?
    He did the crime- the punishment shouldn't be an option in any way!
    Letting him choose just sends the wrong message....
    The part in bold was suppose to be sarcasm. :

    Also, the 40 hr/wk guy probably doesn't have a job when he gets out.
    It is definitely more difficult for the 40 hr guy.

    But as far as the timing of the sentence.......

    I know a kid that went to my college, that was doing time for manslaughter associated with a drunken driving incident. He killed his best friend. He wasn't anyone special.
    He was allowed to do his time in the summer.
    He went to school during the school year and spent his summers (2 of them) in the clink.
    It doesn't take money to get special treatment.

    The judge makes a decision to what he thinks is productive to society and the persons well being.

    I am not going to sit here and say he should go to jail now and not be able to put it off.
    I have no idea what his circumstances were.
    I don't know what they put in front of the judge.
    I was just making a point that delays happens.

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    "WVV" wrote:

    Nothing is ever going to change unless some commissioner gets the balls and just doen't let someone play.
    These Athletes are rich spoiled brats and seems to be above the law.

    Barry Bonds....still playing
    Ricky to go play in Canada
    Terrel Owens...should either be not playing or dead.
    the list will keep getting bigger unless they are started being treated like the rest of us.

    I suppose Andy Pettite and Roger Clemmons are on that list now also.
    How many people heard the rest of the story? How many people just heard the first story on ESPN and automatically associate them with Roids.

    Bonds = not found guilty of use, never tested positive.
    He may be a liar, but prove it.
    Ricky Williams = urine tested positive still in it according to the rules that he is playing by, the NFL rules.
    TO = what is he guilty of other than being unintelligent at times.
    I actually find him likable this year, even b4 the whole OD thing.

    I can see what you are saying, if you base it on morals, but face it, morals aren't the same across the board.

    There is also the thing called forgiveness, each to his own there too.

    What happened to "guilty until proven innocent" or is it "innocent until proven guilty?" :
    Crap, I have no idea anymore.

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    For all you making jokes, alcoholism is a very serious condition and there is NOTHING funny about rape. Some of you are truly pathetic.  159

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    F*** him!!!
    We need to sic Greg Blue on his A$$!!!

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    Re: K-Rob Going To Jail

    "Gift" wrote:
    For all you making jokes, alcoholism is a very serious condition......
    True that! And I can attest to that fact.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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