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    Johnson keeping positive attitude

    Bengals | Johnson keeping positive attitude
    Thu, 12 Oct 2006 10:10:48 -0700 reports Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson is not complaining about his production thus far this season and cited a change in attitude has allowed him to take less of the spotlight as long as the club is successful. "I do it in a different way - my ranting and raving now comes at three or four in the morning on Tuesdays when I'm sitting upstairs with my coaches and we're making the game plan," Johnson said. "I have to [keep it away from the camera]. I have to because they'll kill me. Everything about Chad has always been positive, always – except the one incident in Pittsburgh last year at halftime. I try to keep that within the walls of this organization and always let the perception and image of Chad always be something positive." Johnson also believes the better production will come as his fellow offensive teammates garner more attention.

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    Re: Johnson keeping positive attitude

    He is on my money league, pick up the pace!

    That being said, he is a great WR, I would love for him to wear purple on sundays
    You republican whore!

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