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    Re: John Madden Retires

    Now here's a guy who when he retires he won't be working anymore.

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    Re: John Madden Retires

    Is there a Mrs. Madden? She's going to be hearing Now here's a garden if we would have had more rain it wouldnt have died

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    Re: John Madden Retires

    "Rockmolder" wrote:
    Win-Loss Record
    Winning %

    That's just an amazing percentage.

    Maybe he went to deep into disecting plays and got repetative. I have heared him say bootleg about 4 times while talking about one play for instance.

    He always seems to knows what's going on. I very often feel like he doesn't get the credit he deserves. He is just a great commentator and was even a better coach

    So I guess that I'm the only one that thinks that the only good thing that comes from this is that Collinsworth will be replacing him. I really like him alot, he's great.
    I was a little shocked for the Collinsworth hating.
    I actually really liked the NFLN commentating (that's where he was last year, right?).
    I liked their cameras better also, but that's a whole different issue.

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