Giants | Manning does not see himself as a loud leader
Fri, 23 Jun 2006 06:18:36 -0700

Paul Schwartz, of the New York Post, reports New York Giants QB Eli Manning said he does not see himself as the charismatic leader some believe the Giants need him to be. "That's just not me," Manning said this week in a one-on-one interview with The Post. "Maybe I'll be a little different but it's not going to be a full change. I'm not going to be the personality where I make everyone laugh or the scene where you come in (the locker room) and I'm telling jokes and whatnot to the media or whoever. That's not me." Cool and calm is what you want when it's third-and-eight and there's no evidence to suggest Manning won't be able to handle the physical and mental workload heaped upon him. "He's pretty unflappable, he really is," quarterbacks coach Kevin Gilbride said. With so many marquee attractions around him, Manning does not have to be an emotional lightning rod but the nature of his position forces him to fill the role of leader, even if his temperament makes him more of a blend-in character.