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    Re:Jets fan arrested for cheering

    skum wrote:
    Apparantly for what i have learned, he cheered Jets Jets Jets!, for 20 minutes during the 3rd quarter - an off duty police officer was in the section and found that anoying, so he notified the police that he could potentialy cause dispute with Charger fans, so they went to arrest him..

    What they should have done was to send an office down the man and told him to keep it down a bit because they didnt want him to get into any trouble - but some police officers are idiots and want to show off their powers instead of being calm and cool - i hate that.

    Getting in to an altercation with a fan that could have been avoided is doing your job wrong in my mind.
    If you read the official statement from the police as well as the paper, the man WAS asked to stop - by some of the people around him, the stadium staff, and by the police officers when they came down. He wasn't arrested until he balled his fists and became belligerent with the police (something that was conveniently left out of the video). He was arrested for public intoxication (along with nearly 50 others who didn't happen to be Jets fans).

    Some cops ARE idiots and want to show off their powers instead of being calm and cool - I hate that too, especially because it gives good cops a bad name. But I don't think this was one of those times. Not only does the report from the police as well as several newspaper articles disagree with the version of the story that this video is trying to portray, but it doesn't even pass the common sense test. Does anyone REALLY think that the first course of action would be to simply arrest the guy and does anyone REALLY think that it was just for cheering? If it sounds too outrageous to be true, then it usually is.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re:Jets fan arrested for cheering

    It looks pretty clear that "all" he was doing was cheering based on the comments of Chargers fans in the video.

    That said, when I say "all"...I hate people like him you taunt opposing fans at games. You can cheer for your team and have fun with the other gans win or lose. People like him do make it annoying for people in the area and they do create the potential for a fight. If I was a Charger fan I would have wanted him out of there too. he was obnoxious.

    I live near Seattle now and have gone to Qwest to watch our Vikings and I also went with a poor misguided Raiders friend to watch his pathetic bunch of losers :laugh:

    In both cases we met Seahawk fans in and out of the stadium and had a blast with them both when the Vikings won and the Raiders lost.

    Team scan for weapons at games...they should scan for obnoxious too.

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