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Thread: Jake Vs. Peyton

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    Del Rio Guest

    Jake Vs. Peyton

    Interesting debate on ESPN radio today.

    Who would you want on your team Manning or Jake De(I can't spell his last name)

    Manning loses when it counts, Jake wins more games against better opponents, when it counts the most.

    Now before we get the NFC is weak debate, keep in mind that it is a moot point. If the Colts made the playoffs in the AFC then they are one of the best in that conference. If the Panthers made it in the NFC then they are one of the best of that conference. Success is relative up until the point where the NFC meets the AFC.

    So anyway, the comparision to Marino and Elway was made in that Elway wins the big games, and Marino loses them.

    Part of the suggestion is that now a days in the Fantasy Football era, which is Dungeons and Dragons for jocks, people have become so attatched to statistics that it is cheapening the game and giving people false sense of reality.

    Back in the day you were graded on your toughness and your abilty to win the big game.


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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    Jake THE MAN!!!

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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    delhomme in playoffs, manning regular season
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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    I think it would be easy to say Peyton..

    But Jake, just seems to get it done, a very self confident player who doesn't make alot of mistakes..

    I'de take Jake for a qb anytime, but I wouldn't mind Peyton as a qb either..

    But personaly, I'de have to take Jake over Peyton...

    I hate when Peyton does all that play calling at the line, hell, I think he confuses his own players at times.......


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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    yeah i dont think you can go against peyton....hes BETTER, yaeh he audibles and it works A LOT, but people only think about the times it doesnt.
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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    I don't know, I think I would go with Manning. He is a better all around QB and its kinda odd that he cannot get over the hump.

    In order for Indy to get there, they rely on Manning.

    In order for Carolina to get there, they do not rely as much on Jake.

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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    Peyton during the regular season but I would take Delhomme in the playoffs and Superbowl!
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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    I would take Delhomme he does better with a lot less talent around him then Manning.
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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    Payton all the way but don't plan on winning any big games with him behind the center.

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    Re: Jake Vs. Peyton

    I'll take an order of Peyton with a side of fries. :thumbleft:

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