Team plans to raise ticket prices
Despite that, Jaguars tickets will still be one of the NFL's lowest-priced.

The Jaguars are expected to announce today that they will raise prices from $2 to $8 per ticket for the 2008 season, but their tickets will remain among the least expensive in the NFL.

The cheapest price will be $39, a $3 increase from $36 last year, or $390 for a 10-game season ticket. They'll also have non-club seats priced at $44, $48, $58, $66, $84 and $98.


The Jaguars also will restructure their ticket policy to make season tickets cheaper than tickets purchased on a per-game basis.

For example, while the cheapest price for a season ticket is $39 or $390, that ticket will cost $50 on a per-game basis or $500 a year. The price for the eight regular-season games will be $400, which is still cheaper than the season-ticket price that includes two preseason games.

That will eliminate the incentive for fans to only buy the tickets for the regular season. And the $39 ticket will cost $55 on game day.

That's likely to be a moot point next season because the Jaguars, who had three games blacked out last year, are likely to sell out the season the way they did in 2006.

Not only did the Jaguars make the playoffs this season, but next season's schedule is more attractive with likely sellouts against the Colts, Packers and Steelers. Fans wanting to see those games probably will have to buy a season ticket.
Wow those ticket prices are low.
One of the big reasons - a stadium with plenty of club and suite seating.
The dome is pathetic because it has so few luxury seats, and the rest of the fans have to bear the brunt of the price by default.
Just another argument for a new Vikings stadium.