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    Increase has teams well under salary cap

    [size=12pt]Increase has teams well under salary cap[/size]
    By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
    Mar 10, 3:18 pm EDT
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    Re: Increase has teams well under salary cap

    Very interesting read.

    Guess thats one way to kill the talent level in the FA market.
    Make it so that all the teams can resign thier best players to contracts that make them happy.

    Although that is a good thing, it can also be a bad for a team if they screw the pooch and draft a guy like T-will who doesn't pan out.
    That team then can't rely on the FA market as a means to address thier lack of a quality player at a certain position.

    Also, it will keep the bad teams down for several years as they will now have to build through the draft over a period of time and won't be able to run out into the FA market and buy a team.

    Long story short, teams need to make sure they score on as many draft picks as possible cause they ain't gonna fix poor drafting with the FA market anymore.
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    Re: Increase has teams well under salary cap

    I guess most teams have learnt that you can't buy your way to a Championship - ala Washington - and now realise that its best to keep the good players you have.
    So will we see a move to more trades involving players/picks instead of players moving via FA?
    Either way it will make the player personnel departments far more accountable in the future when it comes to
    assessing both potential trades/FA moves but especially for the Draft. The days of getting away with drafting an Underwood, Ryan Leaf etc will no longer be acceptable to owners and fan bases.
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    Re: Increase has teams well under salary cap

    This is just a result of the inceasing prosperity of the league combined with a system that keeps players under contract for 4-5 years at a time.
    Every year about 15-20% of your players are becoming free agents.
    The past several years, the cap has been increasing by about 10%/year.

    Consider the impact of this from year-to-year.

    With the cap increase, it's as though you have 110% of what you had last year to give away.
    If you have 80% of your players signed and eating up 80% of the cap from last year, then the 20% of your roster made up of free agents are able to grab up not just the 20% that came off the books, but that additional 10% from the cap increase.
    So they can be overpaid.

    When you consider that relatively cheap rookie contracts actually account for about half of the players you lost, or 10% of your roster, but only 5% of your cap space, you now have only about 10% of your roster being brought in through free agency and getting a shot at a pile of money equal to about 25% of the old cap.

    To be fair, most teams plan increases in the salaries of the players under contract.
    But even if that eats up 5-10% of the old cap value (a substantial raise for every player), then you still have 10% of your players looking for contracts when you have 15-20% of the old cap space available for them.

    You can see how players get 'overpaid', since the money is available to pay them 50-100% more than they were worth last year.
    But agents have done a relatively poor job of convincing teams to keep up with the salary cap.
    So more and more money has been pushed forward or just not spent.
    In that environment, re-signing your own guys is easy.

    If the current labor agreement lasted and the NFL had a period of relative cap stability, then it would catch up with teams again.
    But with the problems with the current agreement, a possible cap free NFL in the future, and no end in sight to the rising revenue streams, it's not likely that the cap will be a big problem for most teams.
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