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    Re:IMO, Packers are a virtual lock as a wild card

    midgensa wrote:
    I don't really like the Falcons chances because I think that they are going to lose without Matt Ryan to Philly this weekend.

    If they can win this weekend ... they suddenly gain control though ... and their chances go to very likely.
    Don't know that I would go so far as to say "very likely". Even though they are up and down, I wouldn't count on a Falcons win up in the Meadowlands against the Jets in mid-December, and I'm certainly assuming a loss to the Saints. Not to mention that I'd guess it's probably 50-50 right now that the Packers win 3 of their final 5 to finish 10-6.

    However, an Atlanta win would put a ton of pressure on the Eagles to win at least 3 of their final four to avoid losing their wild card spot to the Falcons.

    Now that you mention it, this suddenly becomes a very compelling game to watch this weekend....

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    Re:IMO, Packers are a virtual lock as a wild card

    With my cheerios this morning, I grabbed the paper and looked just at the next two weeks of the schedule, made my predictions and was able to point out the big games and who will be in and out based on this.

    49ers with a win this week over seattle and an arizona loss to us, the 49ers and cards play for the division next week on monday night. That is the only way the 49ers get in.

    I think the two wild card teams will be eagles/cowboys (the other will take the division) and the packers will take the wildcard. Even with losing this week to the ravens, the packers will crush the bears in chicago the week after and sit at 8 wins. Eagles and Cowboys have easy wins this week and then cowboys have chargers and eagles have another easy game, putting them both at 8 wins, making a three way tie.
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    Re:IMO, Packers are a virtual lock as a wild card

    Sizing up the sleepers

    In the NFC, I'll list the three teams within two games of the Eagles (7-4). Looking at this sad sack of teams, you have to think the Packers, who are currently the fifth seed at 7-4, will make the playoffs.
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