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    Imaging having a player miked up... in real time.

    Dave Stefano writes a pretty good article about the proposal to put communication in the hemlet of a defense player.

    But then he expands to bring up the idea of helmet to helmet communication between players, and the possibilty of fans having headsets to listen in to their favorite players during the game... similar to NASCAR. Below is my favorite part of the entire article...

    NASCAR can give the fans headsets to listen to the driver/crew chief and spotters, why can't the NFL do the same? Teams can earn extra money renting headsets during the game for the fans in the seats. Online, it could be another option for Gameday Live. Direct TV and the NFL network could offer additional subscriptions. Owners make more money and the fans are more intimately involved. Just think: No more over used metaphors from your least favorite broadcaster, just a pure live feed. Mind you, it wouldn't be for the children or the faint of heart.

    There could be separate channels for the offense, defense, coaches, and maybe even the refs. Can you imagine; "Hey Joe, was he pushed out or was it uncatchable?" Joe responds, "Bob, did you forget your glasses again?" Okay, that may not ever happen for the fans but this may: Erasmus comes to the line and gets ready to set his stance. He looks over to Kenechi and says, "Meet me at the quarterback!" The stadium erupts as the crowd goes wild, and Brett Farve's eyes widen and a quizzical look comes across his face. Then a few seconds later as James and Udeze combine to pile drive Farve into the turf, we all hear the audible sound of air involuntarily leaving his body.

    Now that is something I'd pay for!
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    Re: Imaging having a player miked up... in real time.

    That is a great idea, talk about entertainment. Imagine. Fun stuff.

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    Re: Imaging having a player miked up... in real time.

    I'm sold!!! I would buy that in a heartbeat. Especially if Direct TV offered it.

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    Re: Imaging having a player miked up... in real time.

    It'll never happen.

    Unless they put an R rating on all NFL broadcasts with live-helmet-feeds.

    I'm pretty sure someone like Ray Lewis wouldn't be able to keep his language in check. While it'd be HILARIOUS.. I doubt it would happen.

    For the record, they have it in F1 too.. And it's quality.


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