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    IF Ponder truly isn't our guy..

    I want a Coach & FO that can identify & develop QB talent. Gruden is the choice. Brad Johnson (whom I love) & Rich Gannon. We had both and got nothing. He seems to have passed on a 2nd term in Oakland & I think may be interested in Philly, BUT, AP, PH, & company offers an opportunity that a QUALITY GUY may have a hard time passing up. Let him figure out the quandary at QB & "Just FINALLY win baby!".

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    Just want a QB that has chemistry. And having support and chemistry with the line and his WR and RBs. Plus a coach that can help Christian to develop into an elite QB. One step at a time. It is about winning and also keeping your job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bleedpurple View Post
    the Russel, couch, and Carr argument is meant strictly to say that missing will set your franchise back.. so we are in agreement....

    So when you "REACH" for a first round pick that arguably should have been drafted in the 2nd round with a top 12 pick you 1. hurt your franchise bc you reached instead of going BPA in a rebuilding effort. Second, if you do reach.. you sure as hell better be right... The vikings did both and failed miserably....

    Not to mention this dude gets hitched on Monday after dating this broad 6 mos.?? No wonder he's playing like shit... he's not even focused on football.. the more responsible thing to do would have been to wait until the offseason... He's not focused on football... all the more reason to dump him!! bc obviously he can't do both... and his personal life is apparently affecting his on field life.. IMO

    I think it's irresponsible and when your playing like shit makes it look even worse!
    I still marvel that Ponder would be considered a reach at 12, but with the Deadskins (traded back to 16), the Bills and the Bengals (were talking about moving up early into the second) all having thoroughly scouted the kid out, and the Vikings blowing their cover by having a private workout with him, we had to take him were we took him.

    He wouldn't have got past 16. Even if he did, he wouldn't have got past Buff. The Bengals would have then done what they did for Dalton and what would that have left us? Kaepernick/Mallet in the second. Wouldn't that mean a reach as well?

    Nope, when they showed their hand and did the private workout you knew he was going to come off the board before the top of the second if any other team wanted him. Just so happens the Deadskins weren't smart enough to know that.
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