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    I really don't care

    I posted this video before, sorry people. This guy is the baddest safety I have ever seen play. The scary thing is he was a rookie. I always try to stay realistic so I mean this when I say its...after watching the Skins Vikes game at Fed Ex field I am convinced that Sean Taylor will be the best safety to ever play this game. It's like watching a linebacker with wide receiver speed who crushes everything he hits.

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    I really don't care

    I toatlly agree with you. Taylor will be the best!

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    I really don't care

    Agreed. Although I prefer it if he were a Viking, guess you just can't have everything.

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    I really don't care

    I really think Ed Reed is better and will be better.. Ed keeps getting better although Sean looks like it will be close this year id give it to Ed

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