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    Re: How Should A Coach Interact With Players?

    I don't think the coach should say anything at all....I think they should just cut players after away game losses. Especially if they insult the caterer.

    In seriousness, the4re is a difference between "motivating" and personal attacks. It is, for example, perfectly acceptable to call Marrdro a shithead if he doesn't perform a drill correctly or fails to play to his potential...

    it is UNACCEPTABLE to start tossing personal issues in Marrdro's face when he fails at those same insulting his family members (which is almost NEVER ok).

    One is motivational, one is just being a prick.


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    Re: How Should A Coach Interact With Players?

    Not like chilli. He didnt exactly bring out the best in his players and maybe brought out the worst at times. He was stuck in his ways to a fault. If it aint broke dont fix it, but if it is adapt and overcome.
    I bet you could use a cool one huh Clark...Now you're talkin Eddie...

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    Re: How Should A Coach Interact With Players?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Mr Anderson" #1096074
    Yelling for the sake of yelling accomplishes nothing.

    I see no reason to scream at an individual player. Shout at the whole team? Great, get them a little fired up, pissed off.

    But for a guy blowing an assignment in practice, dropping a pass, missing a tackle, etc. What's the point of screaming in his face? How is that going to change anything or prevent him from making the same mistake again? Tell him what he did wrong, and how to fix it. Help him - coach him. Don't just kill his confidence and make him look even worse in front of his comrades.

    We had a coach in high school who'd make fun of you a little bit if you messed up, but it was never about more than your actions on a given play, and never hurtful. For example, he'd always mime cradling a lacrosse ball when a guy who plays lacrosse in the spring would drop a pass in practice, or tell them they couldn't catch a cold without a net and a stick. Or he'd tell the wrestlers that their too slow without their singlets... etc. Nothing personal, in jest. He had a great relationship with all of the players.

    You're not elevating anyone's game by screaming in his face. Teach him what he did wrong and he might not make the same mistake twice.
    I was going to respond, but between your post and Marrdro's you guys have it pretty well covered.

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