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    Re:How does holding out really help the player?

    Holding out? For more money of course. The player doesn't even have to try with all that guaranteed money. then they only have to play good again in their contract year, get another huge chunk of change and repeat.
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    Re:How does holding out really help the player?

    Who won in the Cutler situation? The Broncos, getting great draft picks.

    Is the other one Brandon Marshall? His stats are going to dive with the run first Dolphins. Thus, his value will also drop.
    I think Cutler and Brandon Marshall were both huge winners. They got paid far more than if they had stayed. Really that's what it comes down to.
    Doesn't mean the broncos lost or anything else, but the bottom line is the money.

    I don't have statistics but I would bet those that demand trades, holdout, and generally play hardball with their teams come out much better financially.

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