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    How about Reggie

    Did you guys see him play last night? He is going to be something special I think. The guy is just a freak. It should be fun to see him play for the next like 10 years. Here is one of his runs that really got some attention.

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    Re: How about Reggie

    Yeah, Reggie looked good out there the other day. Vince looked great, as well. What about our boy Laurence Maroney? He is going to be good as well. This years draft will make history, as one of the best drafts ever, IMO. I am so excited about the upcoming season, after a few games of pre-season footbal games!!!

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    Re: How about Reggie

    I bet the Texans are kicking themselves for not drafting this guy!
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    Re: How about Reggie

    "shockzilla" wrote:
    I bet the Texans are kicking themselves for not drafting this guy!
    It's still pretty early to start saying things like that - Mario Williams is gonna be a special player too.

    I'm not sure that this move is quite as bad as people are saying it is. Bush didn't really fit into the Texans team - their two best players are Dominick Davis and Andre Johnson. Adding Bush would definitely make the team better, but it wouldn't add as much to the team as Williams, a potential Julius Peppers where they don't really have anyone.

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