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Thread: Hovan leaving

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    Re: Hovan leaving

    "ejmat" wrote:
    Chris Hovan was not a bad pick. He showed great potential and had a great season his first year. His second wasn't bad either. After that he was double and triple teamed and somewhere along the line I have no idea what happened to his talent. He did become a non-factor the last 2 seasons. It doesn't mean it was a bad pick. Just a pick that didn't work out like we wanted it to. Now, Demetrious Underwood was a bad pick. It's ashame we wasted that pick for Brad Johnson. People can say what they want about Johnson. The fact is he has a superbowl ring. I hated that trade from the beginning.

    Anyway, back to Hovan. I am glad to see him gone because now we have 3 solid starters and 1 rookie with awesome potential. I do wish him well but I am glad he's gone.
    the pick in the trade was used on culpepper

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    Re: Hovan leaving

    You are right that the pick was actually Pep. I know that. However, Underwood was a 2nd first round pick that IMO should have been thought of more before drafting him. Remember, we gave up Johnson to have 2 first round picks.

    I guess you can say we wouldn't have been able to get Pep if we didn't trade Johnson. That is a possibility. We could have also traded down. the point is Underwood was a bad pick. Hovan wasn't

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