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Thread: Hovan

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    Re: Hovan

    Hovan guy, you have not become a Bucks fans have you?
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Hovan

    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "magicci" wrote:
    might as well send hovan to cleveland.

    How about denver? They seem to like all these turd D-lineman that just can't reach their potential. They did get 4 from cleveland's D-line.

    I wouldn't be suprised to see him cut and oakland pick him up. He seems like an oakland kind of guy. There, him and Sapp could talk about how great they are, and then go out on the field and do absolutely nothing together.
    LMFAO @ that one
    Thanks for the sig Pack93z

    I love when you take breaks from plucking your unibrow and grunting/slapping to makes posts in this forum

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