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    Prophet Guest

    Homeless Peerless

    POSTED 9:14 p.m. EST, December 3, 2005

    by Mike Florio

    Due to an apparent inability to figure out the offense in Dallas and to make a meaningful contribution on the field, the Cowboys cut receiver Peerless Price on Saturday.

    Price was signed to a one-year, $1.8 million contract after being cut by the Falcons in the preseason. The Falcons had given up a first-round pick for Price's rights before the 2003 campaign, and signed him to a $37 million contract -- which included a $10 million signing bonus.

    As a vested veteran released after the trading deadline, Price must pass through waivers before becoming a free agent. Teams will have dibs on his contract from worst (Texans) to best (Colts).

    According to Mickey Spagnola of, Price has a "one-time option" to elect to receive the balance of his 2005 pay from the Cowboys if his contract is not claimed by another team. All due respect to Spagnola, we don't know what the hell he is talking about.

    Article XIX of the Collective Bargaining Agreement sets forth the rules regarding termination pay, and as a vested veteran Price clearly is entitled to the balance of his base salary if cut by the team he was with at the start of the regular season. Indeed, every vested veteran's salary becomes fully guaranteed if he is on the roster for his team's first game of the season. That's why guys like Charlie Batch were cut by their teams on the eve of the regular-season opener. If/when the vested veteran is signed after the start of the regular season, the base salary is not guaranteed.

    So there's no option to be exercised by Price regarding his termination pay. Indeed, even if his contract is claimed by another team, he's still entitled to his termination pay pursuant to the plain terms of Article XIX.

    Our guess, however, is that he will clear waivers and that a playoff contender with needs at the receiver position might consider throwing a one-year prorated deal for the veteran minimum in his direction.

    And we're not ready to declare Price washed up beyond this season, even if no one picks acquires him. Participation in an offseason program is more and more important to a guy's ability to stick with a team; Price simply might have arrived in Dallas too late to get acclimated.

    He'd therefore be wise to take an offer as early in the 2006 offseason as possible, so that he can get up to speed with his next team.

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    I wonder if GB will try & pick him up.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    He must be damaged goods???

    He had so much talent when he was in Buffalo.

    Where did the real Peeless go?

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Homeless Peerless

    He could make a solid #2-3 for someone. He really only had one stellar year during his career so far, statistically speaking anyway.

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    I think he has had his chance.. He is pretty much done for.. I could be wrong though

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    kinda doesnt make sense to me, he was slowly qorking his way into the offensive. oh well. he is just another bum
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    i remember when he was in buffalo. the bills are dumb.

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    Teams give up on these guys too easily.... Seattle gave up on koren and look at him now, if he had the chances he could be our # 1 receiver. Price was a good player and i think he still will be if he can be put into a system that works for him. I think even eddie george could still be good in a good system.


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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    There is a rumor that lovie smith and the bears organization had contacted him late tonight. If the bears get him, they are gonna be tough to deal with.

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    Re: Homeless Peerless

    He's done...

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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