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    Re: Vikings, NFC North Champs

    What an amazing game. I love Wiggins.

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    Re: Vikings, NFC North Champs

    I must say I agree akvikefan89 on this, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. i say one game at a time

    I am an avid Viking fan, but also am an avid restoration guy of vintage Mopar(Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth)B bodies

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    Re: Vikings, NFC North Champs

    "sharper42" wrote:
    i think the vikings will win the north for these reasons:vikings remaing schedule, green bay, clevland, detroit,st. louis, pitt, baltimore, and chicago
    bears remaining schedule, carolina, tampa, green bay, pitt, atlanta, green bay, then minnesota

    the vikings will at least go 5-2 the final 7 games
    the bears will go about 2-5 maybe 3-4 in the last 7games

    so the divsion could come down the the final game in minnesota!

    i like our chances right now
    First off, welcome to the board! Head over to the Free Beer forum and introduce yourself proper-like when you get a chance!

    But all this championship talk needs to be toned down abit...we have plenty of football left to play before the end of the season...and we never know who will be still on the field at the end of the season.

    I DO agree that it appears that we have an easier route to winning the division than the Bears do...BUT don't assume that the "easy" teams won't get hot and that the "tough" teams will continue to be tough on our opponents (look at how Atlanta laid down for the Packer...I thought that the Pack would lose for sure). We just need to take this ONE game at a time...if we keep on winning, the rest will take care of itself! :grin:

    Keep up the enthusiasm, though...and keep on posting!

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    Re: Vikings, NFC North Champs

    Yup - one game at a time....can't overlook the Packers.

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    Re: ' Holy NFC North ' batman!

    Bears had the easy schedule in the beginning, they will have to face teams like Carolina, Philly, Pitt, and Cincy now. They don't have much of an offense, but they got a real good defense

    with that said, if the Vikes continue playing the way they are right now, they could get back and win the division.

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