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    Holmgren on the slide ???

    This sounds crazy to me, but ya never know:

    POSTED 6:25 p.m. EDT; UPDATED 9:29 p.m. EDT, September 9, 2005


    There's a concern growing in Seattle. An unusual concern, to say the least.

    In football, it's typically the coaches who worry about whether the players will give their all, physically and mentally, when the games begin. For the 2005 Seattle Seahawks, we've been told by a league source with knowledge of the atmosphere in the locker room that more than a few of the players are concerned that the head coach isn't fully committed to the task at hand.

    Shocking? It was for us.

    The thinking is that Holmgren, who has earned $24 million in six years on the job in Seattle, has gotten complacent. He's set for life. After this season, he'll have another $4 million. The belief by some players is that Holmgren plans to pack it in after the 2005 season and ride off into the sunset.

    Basically, the perception is that Holmgren isn't working as hard as he needs to be in order to get the team ready to make a run at the NFC Championship. The talent is there, many folks in and close to the operation believe. But to get to the promised land Holmgren must be willing to put in the time and the effort.

    Though the notion of a lazily content Holmgren doesn't fit with his reputation of angry outbursts, he's possibly mellowed via age and the accumulation of wealth. He's now 57, and perhaps the things that used to get him fired up simply don't do it for him anymore.

    An offseason health scare also might have given Holmgren a double shot of perspective. Given the way these guys work, does it really make sense to continue to grind away and miss out completely on the peace of mind and relaxing lifestyle that years of financial success can provide?

    For Holmgren, he's starting his seventh season of $4 million per. He's surely earned good money on his investments. So why continue to bang his head against the wall?

    So the Big Show simply might have realized that life's too short. And if he has, that's fine.

    But it ain't fine for the guys who think that they can take the thing to Detroit in February. Right or wrong, accurate or not there is a real concern regarding Holmgren's level of commitment -- and it's an issue that he needs to deal with sooner rather than later.

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    Re: Holmgren on the slide ???

    That's not good for the Seahawks, I wouldn't want the coach of my team to be like that....

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