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Ray Edwards, DE, Minnesota Vikings. He had a productive season—41 tackles, five sacks, 22 quarterback hurries and four forced fumbles—before he was suspended by the league for the final four games for violating its policy on steroid use. Hit or miss: Hit and miss.
I keep on forgetting how great of a season he had. He looks to be in great shape and should be even better with Allen opposite him. Holy shit are the Vikes going to have a sweet line. I hope we can stay healthy.
I just hope that bulk he added isn't a result of using steroids again.
He violated the Steroid and other related substance policy.

They never released the drug he was using, it could be any banned supplement by the NFL, many of which, are not steroids.

I doubt that it was any type of anabolic steroid. Competing and training at an NFL level paired with using an anabolic steroid would result in tremendous mass gains
. Ray Edwards lost weight between his NFL combine and weigh in before last season. I remember a discussion about it being a weight loss supplement like Hydroxycut or something, like he was using it to lean out, which would also explain the weight loss.
If you look at his build from last year to this year, I think it's safe to assume he added mass.

[img width=450 height=337]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i240/vikeswin2005/DraftParty2008025.jpg[/img]

It was even brought up in the Draft Party pics thread.
I'm not talking about last year to this year.

I'm talking about 2006 til the time he was suspended.