"Mr" wrote:
"Zeus" wrote:
"Mr" wrote:
I like Gruden.
I don't.
Won his only title with Dungy's team and then proceeded to turn that team into a shambles.

One name for you: Rich McKay.

That team fell apart with injuries the couple years after the super bowl win.
"Bubba" wrote:
I deffinitely don't want Gruden here.
What I've seen from previous jobs he never really did anything, except win with Dungy's team.
He won a Super Bowl with an excellent defense running the Tampa 2, a good running back, and mediocre QB talent.

Sounds awfully familiar to me.
What happened since then?
He still ran the T-2, had a run game and mediocre QB talent.
Seems once some of thep ieces Dungy put together left, he can't manage the team anymore.
Its like Tice carrying on Denny's team.

What did Shanahan win his rings with?

A 2000 yard rusher, and John Fucking Elway.
We'll have a potential 2000 yard rusher and Brett fucking Favre (who, might I add is in a very similar situation Elway was in.
Elway was considering retirement, but came back for one (two) more season.

What happened when those two were done? One playoff win in 9 years.
Look at the pats before Tom Brady, look at the Chargers before LT, same could be said for most teams.
There are very few teams that keep winning despite who plays.

People criticize Schottenheimer like crazy for his playoff performances, but the truth is, for the better part of the last decade Shanahan has been no better. Where are the calls for Marty?
Marty has had great teams underperform, Denver has somehow always found a way to sneak in the playoffs, despite not having the most talent.