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    Harrington's hot seat

    [size=12pt]Harrington's hot seat[/size]
    Petrino says O-line isn't only problem; Leftwich deal?
    Posted: Monday September 17, 2007 4:59PM; Updated: Monday September 17, 2007 10:23PM

    Bobby Petrino said it's not fair to blame the offensive line for the high sack totals -- including seven in Sunday's 13-7 loss at Jacksonville.

    Petrino said Harrington is holding the ball too long...
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    Re: Harrington's hot seat

    It's not to hard to "Harrie" Harrington, but Leftwich takes all day to wind up and throw it too. Don't think that's the answer. You'd think Harrington could make a decision a little faster after getting blasted every week.

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    Re: Harrington's hot seat

    Seems like the Falcons have become the vultures and are just picking at whatever is leftover on the desert floor.
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