[size=12pt]Gruden playing coy before draft [/size]
John Czarnecki /
Posted: 1 hour ago

You have to love Jon Gruden.

He has four quarterbacks under contract and he said Wednesday morning that he's not giving up on talking Jake Plummer out of retirement and that he could actually draft another quarterback like Notre Dame's Brady Quinn with the fourth overall pick in the draft.

So what would he do with six quarterbacks?

"Well, I wouldn't keep that many on the roster at the end," Gruden said, smirking. He followed that by saying how much he loves his latest acquisition, Jeff Garcia, and that Chris Simms doesn't mind having Garcia around and that he likes Simms, too, even though nobody in the national media really believes him.
An NFL coach jerking the media around before the draft because he doesn't want to reveal his team's strategy??