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The old man could beat out Grossman, I have little doubt in that.
The point isn't that I'm an O'Sullivan sniffer...it's just that they grabbed this worthless backup in the first place and I found it funny.
I hope Grossman stays the starter for the Bears, he is what I think he is.
Is he a 26-game starter who's already taken his team farther in the playoffs than any Viking QB since Fran Tarkenton?

That's who I thought he was!

And I let the Sex Cannon off the hook!
If you buy into the concept that Grossman got them there than you can buy into your defense.
The list of starting QBs and backups from the '06 rosters that would have gone to the SB this year if they were playing for the Bears team is deep.
Grossman won a couple games and was carried by the team in many of the games.
There is no way you are going to convince me that Grossman is a good QB.

Would you take him right now as the starter over our current pathetic QB crew?
I would not.
Over Jackson, Bollinger and Johnson?

It's easy to remember the crappy games at the end of the year - through the first few weeks of the season, Grossman was carrying the Bears.
He's still very very young and has experienced success, which is more than our young guys can say.

He's also been in the league for a while but has been consistently maimed.
He made it through the season.
He is very Kerry Collinsesque to me.
He goes out and plays well and then plays like crap with no consistency.
I'm banking on him staying that way during his career.
Next year will be a huge year for him, his second year as a starter and 4th??? yr in the NFL.
To me, what he does this coming year determines whether he will go the same route as a Kerry Collins-type QB or rise up in the ranks as a consistent starter.
My guess is that he will burn his bridges in the Windy City and some other team will pick him up based on potential and possible a third team picking him up based on potential before he is delegated to an emergency FA QB or backup role or possible a CFL career.
They guy has 'deer in the headlights' written on his birth certificate.