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Thread: GRIDIRON 2000

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    GRIDIRON 2000

    GRIDIRON 2000
    September 3, 1979
    Frank Deford

    Don't be shocked when the 21st century arrives and the NFL teams in Super Bowl XXXIV have women quarterbacks launching 135-yard touchdown passes with their power-assisted arms

    "In the year 2000, there won't be any contact below the waist." —Bum Phillips, Head Coach, Houston Oilers

    Yeah, O.K.

    "The 25-yard end zone is the single greatest thing that could change the game. The whole concept of goal-line defenses would change with that." —Marv Levy, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

    Sure, open it up.

    "Players will look a lot different: lighter equipment, more formfitting shoulder pads, a different type of helmet, soft rib pads." —Dan Rooney, President, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Of course.

    "By 2000 there'll be pari-mutuel betting on every play in every game in the NFL." —Byron Donzis

    Say what?

    "There'll be a little metal fleck in the football, so you can tell for sure whether the guy with the ball got over the goal line or was pushed back." —Tex Schramm, General Manager, Dallas Cowboys

    You bet, that's a can-do.
    SI has opened up the Vault on old stories - for FREE - on
    Here's a great one that was dug up on someone's blog from 1979 about what pro football would be like in 2000.
    It's a gas!


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    Re: GRIDIRON 2000

    "In the year 2000, there won't be any contact below the waist." —Bum Phillips, Head Coach, Houston Oilers

    Gotta love that Bum.

    Some good stuff there. ;D
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

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