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    Green Bay in the Post Favre Era

    [size=13pt]NFL: Green Bay in the Post Favre Era[/size]

    The Green Bay Packers look good. James Lawrence examines the NFC North and their chances this year.

    by james lawrence (Scribe)

    June 25, 2008

    This is how I see the NFC North:

    Green Bay








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    Re: Green Bay in the Post Favre Era

    Wow... He's a life long Farve fan and he thinks that the difference between Farve as QB and Rodgers is 3 games?

    The difference between a HOF QB and a 4th year player with only 59 passes is only 3 games?

    I think he has NO respect for Farve at all or is dreaming that Rodgers is going to Canton some day.

    There is NO WAY Rodgers is going to be able to match Farves:
    * Throws
    * Poise in the pocket
    * Defensive reads
    * Quick decision making
    * Reaction to blitzes
    * Durability
    * Leadership
    * Confidence
    * Forcing D's to game plan for him

    What Rodgers' will match or surpass Farve in is INT's.

    GB's OL will have to hold DL's 2 to 3 seconds more as Rodgers won't make decisions like Farve.
    DL's will face more blitzes going after Rodgers, which Rodgers won't be able to handle like Farve.
    Thus, they will give up more sacks.

    GB's RB's will not have teams playing the pass as much as they did with Farve.
    The RB's will see 8 men in the box, forcing Rodgers to beat them, which he won't.

    GB's receivers will for the first time have someone else throwing to them.
    Someone that won't have the timing down, won't see the open guy, won't put the ball where they can get the YAC's, won't have the anticipation.

    GB's D will be playing on there side of the field more than ever, playing from behind, playing without the confidence that if they "keep it close" Farve will win it for them.

    GB's coaches won't have a coach on the field, won't have someone that can audible as well, won't have the experience at QB, won't know how the QB will react under pressure, won't know the best plays for the QB.
    FYI, Farve made the GB coaches look good.

    I HATE Farve, only because he's a Packer.
    But I also have incredible respect for his skills.
    Some may think I'm giving Farve too much credit for GB's success, but please tell me the ex-Packers that had greater success after leaving GB in Farve's era?
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