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    Green Bay Packers enjoying new McCarthyism under second-year head coach

    [size=14pt]The Green Bay Packers owe a huge debt to the Minnesota Vikings.[/size]

    The youngest team in the NFL beat the Vikings twice this season en route to a splendid 13-3 record. The Pack also rehabilitated Koren Robinson from Minnesota's scrap heap and watched him become a productive receiver and kick-return man.

    But most important, these Packers can thank Zygi Wilf for coach Mike McCarthy. What a find! McCarthy is as responsible as anyone for the amazing turnaround in Green Bay.
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    Re: Green Bay Packers enjoying new McCarthyism under second-year head coach

    The Chiller takes another blow from local writers, ouch. I think we take a game from the Pack next year, if not both. and whittle the Packers down a couple pegs. It's low punches like this-

    "It must rankle Vikings fans. They won the coaching sweepstakes battle but lost the war." That will be judged in time, not in two seasons.

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    Re: Green Bay Packers enjoying new McCarthyism under second-year head coach

    The local hacks will continue to spew forth thier drivel as long as thier is a HC at the helm of the Vikes who doesn't run to thier beck and call.

    The problem with that is most of the local rubes believe what they read and don't have enough sense to wade through the drivel.

    You know its bad when you see the press from outside agencies slamming them and they still don't get a clue.
    Very few Vikings articles originated by the Twins cities papers are given any credance by the national media.

    Very sad indeed.
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