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Ditka picks Packers to win division, Butkus puts onus on 'D' to produce

September 8, 2009

For a couple of former Bears, Mike Ditka and slick willy Butkus don't sound very supportive...

Ditka is an idiot.
I used to love when they made fun of him on SNL.
He had five good seasons with the Bears and 1 Super Bowl win.
Honestly, I had to look up his stats because he is just not that memorable to me other than remembering him being a nasty jerk.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Let him go on and predict the Puckers.
Think again, about the stats.

In 1961 Ditka was a rookie TE, in just 14 games he made 56 catches for 1076 yds and 12 TD's.
If you extrapolate to 16 games, 64 for 1230yds and 14 TD's.
He never matched those #'s because all teams learned that TE's can do something else but block.

Ditka revolutionized the TE position as much as the original LT did the LB position.

or are you just considering Ditka the coach and not one of the greatest TE's to play in the NFL.

I don't agree with Ditka and he has made some wild moves (Ricky), but he has more creds then 98% of the current NFL analysts.