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    Re: Great read on Moss, in-depth study of his past.

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    He doesn't trust many people.

    He comes from a poverty stricken area.

    He is going to tear it up this year.

    There are rusty chain link fences where he lives.

    Nobody knows what Rand is like, what Charleston is like.

    There were some people who were like father figures to him. A guy named Sam paid for his cleats

    A question is posed, what kind of person would you be if you grew up where he did?

    There were a bunch of Rednecks, he was one of a few black people....

    Some redneck scribbled some racial slur about one of Randy's buddies, so his buddy found the guy who he guessed did it. Randy being the poor ghetto kid he was kicked the guy 3 times after his friend had knocked him down.

    The white guy he kicked suffered internal injuries and Moss lost his scholorship to ND.

    "Moss was merely backing his friend" LMFAO!

    Basically in a nutshell, Randy Moss was raised in WV. He was in the minority he was a young black man surrounded by Rednecks. It was a poor area. He was/is a great athlete. He makes some of the worst decisions ever. But they try and justify it by placing blame on his enviroment. But to his credit he does a lot of charity work. Sounds like he is very focused when it comes to that and he is humble about it.
    thx for the summary

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    Re: Great read on Moss, in-depth study of his past.

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    Well, THIS thread got de-railed :-p

    I do not think that white people not wanting to date black people is racist.
    Really? I think it's one of the biggest indicators of all. Explain or PM me or something, I'm curious.
    Me too.
    Uh-oh...I agreed with Del Rio on that....and still do.

    If I prefer not to date Blondes, am I racist? How about tall girls? Short girls? Girls that are a bit on the chunky side? Skinny girls? What and whom I prefer to date does not make me racist - even if it extends into race. It's all about what I prefer, right?

    I used to refuse to date girls who wore black tennis shoes. Silly, I know, but for some reason I found that to be an incredible turn off.

    Anyway, to prefer or choose not to date someone of a particular racial group doesn't automatically mean you're a racist. I never dated a black girl (Or asian or hispanic either), yet some of my closest friends at the time were black and hispanic.

    We all have our own views on the physical ideal...and when dating, most of us try and find someone at least in the ball park of that ideal. If my ideal is a blue eyed blonde, well....not too many black girls will fit that profile.

    OK, so what if it's more than the cosmetic? What if the person simply doesn't wish to become involved in that sub-culture at that level? After all, dating someone of a different ethinic group forces you to become involved in the activities of that ethnic group. Well, since I despise rap music and prefer 80's hair metal, I'd be hard pressed to find a black girl who shared my likes and dislikes. It doesn't mean that I hate them, it simply means that our lack of common ground precludes my seeking an intimate relationship with them.

    Does that help any?


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    Re: Great read on Moss, in-depth study of his past.

    I don't know Randy8404. I do not find most black women attractive. A while back you made a point about all the really "hot" women that are black are of lighter shade. That struck me as very true. Clarifacation for those who didn't read it he wasn't saying what he felt about it he was saying society as a whole and the media.

    A few points to toss around:

    I think you may be genetically predisposed to try and shack up with your same race. I'm going to have to find a link for this crap, it has been a few years since I wrote an essay on it for my sociology class.

    If you are not attracted to someone of the opposite race I do not view it any different then if you were not attracted to blondes, or big girls, or skinny girls, or anything. I'm not going to go look down on black women, I will respect them as much as any other woman. They all deserve respect.

    On that poll you showed it would be very interesting to see exactly how many black people there actually were. I mean if the online dating site had 10,000 people and 8,500 of those are white I think the numbers should include that.

    I just don't buy it as being racist. Now I'm not saying that it is out of the question I could love a woman of a different race. I am saying if you lined up a bunch of ladies and I had to choose based on appearance I would probably choose a woman of my own race.

    I'm not against intermingling races at all, I'm not trying to keep any thing "pure" or any KKK crap, I just think that it is a preference. One that has no effect on your race. I'm not keeping you from a job, I'm not keeping you from achieving an education.

    My mom is white, my step dad is black. They love each other and that is peaches. He treats her right. All I am saying is I don't believe that by merely choosing to be with a woman of your same race you are being racist.

    Next thing I know I will have reverend sharpton in my living room mad at me because I chose not to watch BET and I opted to watch crackervision :grin:

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    Re: Great read on Moss, in-depth study of his past.

    Hey guys,

    Been getting killed by work the past two days, I'll give you a more in depth response when I get home
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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