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    Grady Jackson released

    Should we scoop him up to back up Phat Pat?
    He was having a pretty good season before he was released.

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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    Jackson is our quarterback.

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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    And you guys thought the Chiller was cold for axing a guy just before Christmas.
    At least he let him get a few more game checks in so he could feed his starving family.

    Petrino just whacks em months before the Christmas shopping season even gets in full gear.
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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    Probably wants too much money...I'll pass since we are not in contention for a playoff run right now.
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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    Yeah, I don't see any reason for the Vikings to pick him up.
    He would just be a stop gap for this and maybe next season for a playoff contender, which is something we are not.
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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    ATL is in the rebuilding mode.

    Grady will be picked up and he will probably have a chance for a ring, better than being 1-6 or Christmas shopping. LOL!

    Heck he can be selective like this during the season.
    Sit back and wait to see who comes calling?

    I am not going to guarantee that a playoff team contacts him, but I would wait if I was him to make sure all offers come in before signing with the Vikings.

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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    Jackson's release really pissed off DeAngelo Hall, so when they cut hall is when we need to do some personnel changing.

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    Re: Grady Jackson released

    Do you ever do a search to see if an article has already been posted Cajun?

    This was posted over 12 hours ago;

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