Ravens get an F in latest NFL report card

Broncos — It was an incredibly costly decision to kick to Devin Hester, who broke the Broncos' backs with two TD returns. The sad thing is it ruined Denver's bid to save its season after starting 3-5. The Broncos beat Kansas City and Tennessee and Jay Cutler was really emerging. A 5-6 record is very disappointing when you were that close to 6-5 and being tied for first in the division.

Cardinals — 'The Niners were who we thought they were!' I don't know. I'm out of answers. In talking to players like Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Pace and Karlos Dansby, everyone was convinced that the Tampa loss was a season turning point. And the Cards followed up that gruesome performance with huge wins against Detroit and in Cincy to get to .500. Then the debacle at home against the Niners!? Wow.

Bears — Thank goodness for Devin Hester.

Vikings — It says something about the NFC that the 5-6 Vikings are somehow alive for the playoffs. The maligned pass defense picked Eli Manning four times, three for touchdowns. And it was very impressive that Tarvaris Jackson didn't turn the ball over vs. New York and hit Sidney Rice for a bomb on the second play of the game.