"purplehelmut" wrote:
Another poster indicated that NFL players should be prohibited from attending clubs.
Not sure about that, but seeing as these athletes are contract employees, why not just prohibit them from carring weapons at all?
If they're that afraid of someone trying to mug them for the bling they're flaunting, get a bodyguard.
They can afford it.
These players represent the league and their team and need to act like professionals, not hoods.
well, I know some of you probably work at a place where you might get random drug tests.
You could get fired from your jobs if your found to be on drugs, why not the same with alcohol.
Its obviously causing problems for players, and those players affect their teams, and ultimately the entire NFL.
Its not entirely unreasonable to prohibit drinking to NFL players.
After all, if your getting paid millions and millions of dollars to play a sport, you damn well can make some sacrifices, and if alcohol is too important to you, then that my friend is called a drinking problem.