- NFL free agency is a little more than two weeks old, but after the first wave of signings, activity has slowed to a crawl. But that’s not a surprise.


I still like the approach the team took this year.
Really not alot out there that I was interested in so I am sure the front office (who I am in lockstep with) felt the same way.......

C - For me it was Jason Brown.
What the staff did.
Drafted Sullivan last year.
CB - Greer and Carr would have fit. What the staff did.
Resigned Gordon, Roberson and Sapp and got us a Karl.
QB - Anything would have helped.
Garcia is still hanging around and the Cutler thing won't die.
What the staff did.
Got us some Sage.
RT - Again, anything would have helped. I liked that Loeper kid.
What the staff did.
Resigned Brian Daniels or basically nothing.
DT - Resigned Jimmy Kennedy.

and I look to see what they staff does in the draft.

Long story short, not alot of activity out there, I think the resigning of Sauce was huge and with alot of cats still available with more to be added after the draft I am sure we will see some more talent added to the roster by the FO pukes.