"Overlord" wrote:
"ThorSPL" wrote:
Holy crap, that's a lot of money for somebody who was a back up; regardless of how good...

isn't that along the lines of double what we paid Chester?
I really don't know what his contact numbers are...
We brought Taylor in here to be a starting back and paid him $2.5 million/year.
Turner is being brought in to be a starter and is being paid about $5.5 million/year.
AD is being paid about $5 million/year.

I would say we certainly have the best value at the RB position in the NFL, even if someone were to argue there was a better tandem (I don't think there is anymore).
I would say so, especially after one sees the numbers.
Damn, teams are overpaying this year.

Players better get it know.
Wonder what will happen after the CBA is gone?
Who are our smart guys on that?

Help me out here.