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Albert Haynesworth fulfilled his goal of becoming the NFL's highest-paid defensive player. The New England Patriots deemed Matt Cassel worth only a second-round draft pick. The Dallas Cowboys traded a starting cornerback for a backup quarterback and cut their best receiver. A year after flaming out in Oakland, DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson hit the jackpot elsewhere.

Winners and losers huh.

Guess this guy thinks FA is over.....
It's like judging how accurate your mock draft is today.
[size=1pt]...even though i know it will suck jiggly butt, like all of them do.....[/size]
He obviously feels that all "big name" guys are off the market now so the rest of FA is irrelevant.(what a moron)
I'm guessing this guys mock draft would consist of the first 10 players selected in the first round and then the draft would be over. ??? :
I haven't read the article, but it certainly seems that this guy suffers from premature articulation.
I'm glad someone like it. My sense of humor can be a bit odd, at times.